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You will never be bored at the West Coast!

During your stay at Hotel Lidenlund, you can collect many unforgettable memories.

From the hotel there is a short distance, by foot or car, to cozy moments in the city and incredible nature experiences by the west coast or Klosterheden forest.

Find a variety of local opportunities here.

6. april 2022
Padel Tennis in Padel Sport Lemvig

Padel Tennis is increasingly popular, and during your stay in Lemvig, you can also get your pulse up on the blue courts. Hotel Lidenlund collaborates with Padel Sport Lemvig, whom has completely new facilities for padel tennis that will ensure a fun and challenging time. Reservere a court directly through us when you book a […]

30. marts 2022
Guided city walk

Lemvig is a historic town that dates back to year 1234. The city is especially known for the churches iconic tower, the Planet Walk, the idyllic harbour front, the pedestrian zone with many boutiques and it's art - e.g. the poet Thøger Larsen. You can even go on a Thøger Larsen walk. In the summer […]

30. marts 2022
Bicycle rent and guided tours in Klosterheden forest w. Bike Point

The Klosterheden forest is the biggest plantation on Denmark. It has numerous hiking and bicycle paths. Here you'll also be able to go on the longest mountain bike path in Denmark. Bike Point in Gudum offers bicycle rent and guided tours, through the beautiful forest, at all levels. As a guest at Hotel Lidenlund you […]

25. oktober 2021
Vestjysk Friluftscenter - outdoor activites

After just a few minutes of driving from the hotel you'll reach Vestjysk Friluftscenter - an outdoor activity center that offers a wide variety of fun and challenging group activities. E.g. axe throwing, rapelling, paintball, bow shooting and driving amphibious vehicles. Read more

25. oktober 2021
Tuskær - A culinary art and culture center

At Tuskær Kulturcenter you can experience art shows, lectures, workshops and gastronomy. The center hosts many interest art- and culture related events and is known and used by many local schools, associations and private groups. Read more here

25. oktober 2021

Just on the other side of Lemvigs beautiful inlet you'll find Lemvig Golfclub. Here you can use their 'Pay and Play' opportunity, and explore the beautiful greens, with views over the city, for 100 kr. The starting point is at the club house where you can also order a lovely lunch and a cold beverage. […]

25. oktober 2021
The inlet of Lemvig

As a waterway into Lemvig is the inlet of Limfjorden. From the harbour you can get a 360 degree view of the city, landscapes made in the ice age and the beautiful costal line. No matter the season its wonderful to take a walk along the coast. Here you can find mussels, oysters and often […]

25. oktober 2021
The forest

A few kilometers from Hotel Lidenlund is the biggest plantation (and third biggest forest area) in Denmark, the Klosterheden Plantation. Here the wild beavers build their dams while the deers majestically moves through the fields. In the forest floor you'll find rare plants, delicious mushrooms for eating, and in the west end of the forest […]

25. oktober 2021
The harbour life by the Westcoast

The harbour in Lemvig has been undergoing a big transformation the last couple of years, and is now a widely recognized and popular tourist destination. On the harbour you'll find a playground, yachts and sailboats, restauraunts with fresh fish and more, and plenty of room to enjoy the sun and each others company. Every summer […]

Explore Lemvig

Hotel Lidenlund is placed in the heart of Lemvig, and as a visitor you have easy acces to the harbour front, various nature sites and 

the charms of the city.

500 meters from the hotel you’ll find the harbour from where you can take a refreshing dip. 200 meters from the hotel, you’ll find Lemvig Lake where you can take a stroll and even access the valleys of Lemvig created by glaciers of the ice age. 

In the periphery of the hotel is a wide selection of restaurants, shops and cafes. 

Hotel Lidenlund
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The harbour life
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The inlet of Lemvig
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