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The forest

A few kilometers from Hotel Lidenlund is the biggest plantation (and third biggest forest area) in Denmark, the Klosterheden Plantation. Here the wild beavers build their dams while the deers majestically moves through the fields. In the forest floor you'll find rare plants, delicious mushrooms for eating, and in the west end of the forest is an airfield from 2nd world war.

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Explore Lemvig

Hotel Lidenlund is placed in the heart of Lemvig, and as a visitor you have easy acces to the harbour front, various nature sites and 

the charms of the city.

500 meters from the hotel you’ll find the harbour from where you can take a refreshing dip. 200 meters from the hotel, you’ll find Lemvig Lake where you can take a stroll and even access the valleys of Lemvig created by glaciers of the ice age. 

In the periphery of the hotel is a wide selection of restaurants, shops and cafes. 

Hotel Lidenlund
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The harbour life
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The inlet of Lemvig
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